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More than 10 years of technology accumulation, leading the construction of a high-level research platform

Established three R&D centers in Xiamen, Seoul and other places, with nearly 1,000 square meters of R&D base
Two R&D centers
Won the title of "Xiamen Key Laboratory of Ultra-wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials and Devices"
Has a production base of over 3000 square meters, intelligent manufacturing, to ensure excellent quality
Xiamen Key Laboratory
3000㎡ production base
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The thermal conductivity of diamond is five times higher than that of copper. It is an excellent material for making heat sinks, and its performance is much better than traditional materials.

By using the MPCVD method to grow 2-inch diamond chips of any thickness, the surface roughness (Ra) of the polished 2-inch diamond can reach less than 1 nanometer.

Provide 2 inches/4 inches silicon-based aluminum nitride film
Provide 1CM*1CM diamond-based aluminum nitride film
New energy vehicle

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Is gallium nitride (GaN) the wide bandgap material that will turn RF power generation on its head and relegate gallium arsenide (GaAs) and LDMOS (Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor) to th...
GaN is extremely promising for use in high-power electronic applications . However, self-heating issues and the associated thermal management at a higher power density severely limit the peak power...
This study investigated that the thermal resistance of a gallium nitride(GaN)device formed on a diamono substratewith highthermal conductivity.We experimentally confirmed that the thermal resistanc...
Gallium nitride (GaN) is one of the third-generation wide-bandgap semiconductor core materials. It has unique physical advantages, such as wide band gap, strong atomic bonds, high thermal conductiv...
Thanks to a tremendous set of intrinsic characteristics, GaN-based RF transistors are setting a new benchmark for solid-state device performance. But that does not mean that they are fulfilling the...
The application of diamond gallium nitride technology is of great significance to the development of radio frequency and power devices. The combination of diamond and gallium nitride is considered ...
The GaN HEMTs are anticipated to replace now available GaAs HEMTs and realize the mainstream application in millimetric waveband due to outstanding performance. Studies of GaN HEMTs have been carri...
The important feature of Chinese space project is the establishment of inter-satellite links among satellites, which is enabled by the Ka active phased array antenna, the most crucial piece of term...
GaN is widely used in radio frequency, fast charging and other fields, but its performance and reliability are related to the temperature on the channel and Joule heating effect. The commonly used ...
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