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More than 10 years of technology accumulation, leading the construction of a high-level research platform

Established three R&D centers in Xiamen, Seoul and other places, with nearly 1,000 square meters of R&D base
Two R&D centers
Won the title of "Xiamen Key Laboratory of Ultra-wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials and Devices"
Has a production base of over 3000 square meters, intelligent manufacturing, to ensure excellent quality
Xiamen Key Laboratory
3000㎡ production base
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The thermal conductivity of diamond is five times higher than that of copper. It is an excellent material for making heat sinks, and its performance is much better than traditional materials.

Take the lead in conducting diamond gallium nitride research and provide the most complete solutions for diamond gallium nitride production such as GaN on diamond and Diamond on GaN.

Provide 2 inches/4 inches silicon-based aluminum nitride film, sapphire-based aluminum nitride film and diamond-based aluminum nitride film
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The theoretical output power density of GaN power devices can reach more than 40 W/mm, but due to its own thermal effect at this stage, the power density of GaN HEMT devices is only 3~5 W/mm, which...
As the operating frequencies of wireless communication and radar systems expand to the millimeter-wave band, traditional semiconductor materials cannot meet the requirements of emerging millimeter-...
With the development of carbon materials and their outstanding thermal conductivity, more and more researches on carbon materials as thermal conductive fillers have been made, which has become a ho...
Due to its high thermal conductivity, diamond has broad application prospects for high-power electronic devices. Using diamond as a heat sink for high-power electronic devices will greatly improve ...
With the continuous development of electronic devices in aerospace, communication and other fields toward miniaturization, integration and high power, the rapidly increasing heat flux has brought g...
As one of my country's strategic emerging products, diamond has been continuously developed and utilized for its "king of materials" characteristics. As a kind of superhard material, diamond not on...
Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity of any material, making it an excellent choice for thermal management in electronic devices. Once a semiconductor device is fabricated, the chip must be...
In the field of radio frequency communication, 5G mobile phones have been continuously upgraded in the direction of high transmission rate, high integration and thinning. Compared with the 4G era, ...
In recent years, the design and process of GaN-based microwave power devices have been continuously improved and improved, with higher and higher theoretical output power (4 GHz, ~40 W/mm), higher ...
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