First-class R&D team

More than 10 years of technology accumulation, leading the construction of a high-level research platform

Established three R&D centers in Xiamen, Seoul and other places, with nearly 1,000 square meters of R&D base
Two R&D centers
Won the title of "Xiamen Key Laboratory of Ultra-wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials and Devices"
Has a production base of over 3000 square meters, intelligent manufacturing, to ensure excellent quality
Xiamen Key Laboratory
3000㎡ production base
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The thermal conductivity of diamond is five times higher than that of copper. It is an excellent material for making heat sinks, and its performance is much better than traditional materials.

Take the lead in conducting diamond gallium nitride research and provide the most complete solutions for diamond gallium nitride production such as GaN on diamond and Diamond on GaN.

Provide 2 inches/4 inches silicon-based aluminum nitride film, sapphire-based aluminum nitride film and diamond-based aluminum nitride film
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Usually you see ultra-high-power devices still working in an orderly manner, what is the first thing you think of? Is it the high-precision connection between parts, or the clear division of labor ...
Semiconductor lasers have the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, small size, strong adjustability and ease of use, and are widely used in solid-state laser pumping, material ...
IGBT is a new type of semiconductor device, as the mainstream of new power semiconductor devices, whether in the industry, communications, 3C electronics and other traditional fields, or rail trans...
When the LED chip is working, about 70 to 80% of the energy is converted into heat. With the increase of LED chip integration and power, the heating intensity of the unit area of the LED light sour...
At present, the miniaturization and integration of electronic devices bring new challenges to thermal management. Hot spots have become a key thermal feature of today's high-power density electroni...
Diamond is one of the most important materials for third-generation semiconductors, also known as the "ultimate semiconductor", with physical, chemical, electronic, optical, thermal and mechanical ...
One of the biggest issues of this approach is related with the high diamond deposition temperature (>700°C) which induces a large residual stress at the GaN/diamond interface because of the mismatc...
The concept of mobility enhancement through modulation doping of an aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs)/gallium arsenide(GaAs) multilayer heterojunction was intro-duced by Dingle et al. in 1978. Sin...
Gallium nitride(GaN) is a wide bandgap compound llI-V semiconductor with highbreakdown electric field,high electron mobility, and high electron saturation velocity that translate in a tremendous po...
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